Here is why Nordstrom is on the Top of Our List


Here is why Nordstrom is on the Top of Our List

Your shopping experience matters a lot! The place where you shop enhances that shopping experience and if there is one place whose shopping experiences has been termed as the best, it is the Nordstrom. If you have been here, you would know why we are saying this. But if you are one of the people who have not yet been enlightened by Nordstrom, then you are definitely missing out!

Here are a few reasons why we believe that Nordstrom can be on top of your shopping list as well.

Working Towards a Healthy Environment

Nordstrom is one of the few places who focus on contributing towards a sustainable environment. In this era of pollution, we could all use people who are more focused on getting their surroundings healthy. And brands like Nordstrom, who have a following and a reputation, could help in increasing more awareness amongst the people.

Nordstrom is one of those brands who use recycled products for packaging, are focusing on reducing down the plastic waste from their products, and contacting brands that are aware of the importance of sustainability in the atmosphere. This is why this reason tops our list.

Helping Startups Become More Sustainable

Another reason why Nordstrom is one of our favorite brands is that they do not just focus on their brand recognition. They also help build brands that have not yet found the foundation to stand upon.

Being a retailer, their main job is to get the products of brands and sell them at an affordable price to their dedicated customers. And the reason they have been successful is because they do nor just focus on signing on with the main brands that are already famous. But they have signed on many brands that have just stepped foot into the industry. Being a helper to these smaller brands just raises appreciation for Nordstrom in our hearts.

Active on social media

If you are not active on social media, then your brand could lose a lot of recognition and your sales could go downhill in a minute. The world itself has transitioned into an online platform and if the brand is not focusing on increasing its online recognition, then it might as well be forgotten by its customers.

Nordstrom is quite active on social media. They have a great following and they build up the interest of their customers by constantly engaging with their customers. And if you have a query or a complaint, you will find their service to be extremely responsive. They reply to your tweets and your messages as fast as you would expect an ideal customer service to respond. They have a great this sort of behavior is what we love to see in our favorite brands.

Active Promo Codes

The second-best thing of Nordstrom besides their customer service are the Nordstrom promo codes. If you are an avid online shopper, you will find tens of promo codes released every month on their website. They have a great following of dedicated customers because of the promo codes and coupons that are released over the clothes, jewelry, footwear etc.

What better way to shop that doing it with the promo codes, right? If you are lucky, you can get hold of the free shipping code as well. This will get you a free delivery of your order right at your doorstep without that annoying amount of shipping fees added to that bill. These promo codes are often found in a wide range. So, if you have a tight budget, you can find these coupons offering huge discounts. You can even get products at half the price!

Organized Stack of a Diverse Collection

What do you love seeing at a store when you walk in? Discounted rates? Your favorite brands? Yes, that is all the hype these days. But what touches your soul are the neatly stacked shelves that are lined up in an organized manner. That is what the people love coming back to, again and again.

And if you are anything like us, you would know what we are talking about. The smell of the clean place, the shiny floors showing your reflection as you walk with the trolley in your hand, the stacked products with a cut down on the original prices and your favorite brands up on those shelves are some of the sights you will witness at Nordstrom. And if that doesn’t put up a point for Nordstrom’s defense, then we don’t know what might!

Final Thoughts

What do you think about our list? Did we miss something? Do you like shopping at Nordstrom as well? These are just a few reasons why we find Nordstrom as one of the best shopping arenas. If you find time, maybe you can design your own pros and cons for the store. We are sure the pros would weigh much higher!