Old Norse Martial Arts – A Brief Citation

 Old Norse Martial Arts –

 A Brief Citation

Old Norse Martial Arts –   A Brief Citation


Kick is one of the most basic martial arts principles. In essence, a kick is a technique designed to deliver a sudden, decisive blow, ideally with the heel. A kick is one of three fundamental kicks in Aikido. The other two are the roundhouse kick and the makiwara kick. A roundhouse kick is a front kick to the shin by striking the opponent directly in the centre of the shin with the front leg. The makiwara kick is performed by moving the leg backwards in a circular motion while bringing it down in a straight strike to the opponent's groin. Both strikes require considerable strength, skill, flexibility and athleticism, and are highly regarded in the martial arts community.


The basic kicks in karate are single footed, pivot kicks, and angled kicks. A pivoting kick is performed by moving the leg inward while the other foot is out in front of it. An angled kick is performed by moving the leg outward with the other foot out in front of it. 1337 x




Types of Kick

A kick is divided into three categories; the high, low and counter kick. The high kick is done by extending the front leg straight in front of the body, the heel of the leg being straight, the ball of the foot is pointing up and the toes of both legs being pointed upwards. The low kick is done by extending the leg straight, the heel of the leg being pointed downwards and the toes of both legs being pointed upwards. Finally, the counter kick is done by raising the heel of the leg and straightening the knee, being careful not to break the opponent's leg or bone.


Power Strike

In American Martial Arts, the roundhouse kick may be called a power strike. In simpler terms, this means that the kick is a strike that is intended to hurt or send an opponent to the ground. This type of strike is an all-around damage-dealing technique and can be used to subdue opponents. However, a martial artist needs to understand that just using a powerful roundhouse kick may not be enough to win the fight. It takes practice and strategy to be able to use a roundhouse kick in a fight.


Some of the more common high kicks in karate include the makiwara, Uchi-spar, and the moon sword kick. The makiwara is an afoot jab that is meant to soften the target area. The chi-spar is a back-and-forth punch where the arms are in close contact with each other. And the moon sword kick is a front kick that comes from a very high stance that sends the opponent flying.


Different Angles

These kicks can be combined with other high kicks of different angles. This allows martial artists to create a wide range of options when fighting. To make full use of these kicks, the legs must be conditioned in such a way that they do not bend backwards and the knees must be bent at an angle that is comfortable for landing. Because of the nature of these kicks, it is not uncommon to see opponents take leg attacks. This combination of legs taking an attack on the legs usually results in the opponents being stunned.


I hope this brief citation has provided you with some information on the ancient art of kicking in martial arts. Kicking is a fundamental skill that is taught in almost all martial arts and is a fundamental training activity for fighters from around the world. If you want to learn more about this kick and other kicks in my old Norse martial arts, please visit my website.