10 beautiful lakes, the absolute natural wonders of Himachal-Pradesh


10 beautiful lakes, the absolute natural wonders of Himachal-Pradesh

10 beautiful lakes, the absolute natural wonders of Himachal-Pradesh


Regardless of the altitude, the beautiful waters or the charm of the countryside, the Himachal Pradesh lakes are outstanding. The highly populated Indian state is host to hundreds of postcard-perfect lakes that are to be explored.


Each lake offers a unique array of enjoyable activities, from fishing and swimming to boating and sightseeing trips. There are several cultural sites on the banks of the River Lakes, including Medieval churches, well-maintained museums, and picturesque public gardens.



Himachal Pradesh's Top 10 Lakes


Every traveler should make an attempt to see 10 notable lakes at Himachal Pradesh. While some of them are appropriate for swimming, verify the weather and water conditions and listen to all alert signs beforehand. Look and choose your next destination on the lake in which you live:



1. Khajjiar Lake


The lake of Khajjiar is located at 1,920 m above sea level. The evergreen cedar trees that surround it reflect beautifully on the clear blue lake. She acquired her name from the adjacent temple of Khajji Nag. The highlight of this place is the floating island, a group of grass that truly grows on the surface of the lake - a magnificent sight to see! Many travelers are walking to the lake to repair adrenaline.



2. Prashar Lake


Prashar Lake trek is 2730 m above sea level. Lake Prashar It is 49 miles north of Mandi, close to a three-story pagoda dedicated to the sage Prashar from the 13th century. On the banks of this lake, he is thought to have meditated. Surrounded by the snowy Mountains of Kinnaur, the lake is a beautiful place for relaxation and connection with the countryside overlooking the river Beas.



3. Chandra Taal


At an altitude of around 4,300 m above sea level, Chandra Taal is located. It is one of India's two highest humidity areas. From late May to early October, the crescent-shaped lake can be walked from Batal and Kunzum Pass. Campsites are the huge wetlands on the margins of the lake. During the spring, hundreds of wildflower species were carpeted on these meadows.



4. Renuka Lake


Renuka Lake is located at 672 m above sea level in Himachal Pradesh. It is Himachal Pradesh's biggest lake at an altitude of 3214 meters. The name was given to the Renuka deity. You can choose to explore and appreciate the panoramic scenery around a self-driven boat or canal boat.


On the banks of a lake in the third week of November, the six-day annual Shri Renukaji Fair will be celebrated. The Renukaji Zoo is a part of the Renukaji Wildlife Sanctuary on the left bank of the lake in the middle of lush green woodlands.



5. Suraj Tal


Suraj valley stands at a height of 4,890 m. It is India's third-largest lake and the world's 21st highest. The apartment is located 65 kilometers from Keylong, Lahaul Spiti district's headquarters. It flows downstream to the Chandra River, Tandi, in Himachal Pradesh, forging the Chandra River. It is rebuilt as the Chenab River when it enters Jammu and Kashmir.



6. Nako Lake


Located 3.662 meters higher than the sea level in Nako Lake. Amazing thoughts are made about the willow and poplar trees that surround the lake. Both visitors and local people are popular among the Buddhist temples nearby. The lake, old ruins, and famed Nako monastery need to be explored for at least a whole day. The splendor of the lake is enhanced by the snow-packed peaks, steep cliffs, and apple groves.



7. Bhrigu Lake


Lake Bhrigu is a high glacier lake situated at an altitude of around 4,300 m. From May to October, you can walk to the lake. It stays for six months in a frozen state. Even without previous walking experience those with a competent physically fit can simply take advantage of a lake walk. It is one of the most adventurous things you can do.



8. Chamera Lake


Chamera Lake in Dalhousie is an artificial lake that is widely known among vacationers. Lush foliage and eye-catching are around the lake. The Chamera Lake is a part of a hydrometric Chamera project which is created over the river Ravi and is situated at a height of 763 meters. The lake is renowned for several water sports like boating and fishing. One of the simplest leisure things you can do is to spend a day here.



9. Dal Lake


The grandeur of Dal Lake is not to be missed in Himachal Pradesh. It is one of Himachal Pradesh's most popular lakes and worth visiting. During the month of September, a fair will be held on the shores of the lake. The festival marks Lord Shiva's arrival and is highly popular among the Gaddi tribe. The lake is known for its opportunity to enjoy different activities including boating, picnics on the banks of the River or simply relax. It is one of McLeodganj's biggest tourist attractions.



10. Kareri Lake


Kareri Lake is a notorious lake in Himachal although it is a lovely lake located near the city of Dharamshala. The lake is between the forest of kush green and the molten snow and glaciers. It is a nice site to picnic and camp and visits a bunch of friends. This lake is frozen in winter because it is 2934 meters in height. Rejuvenate by visiting this uncluttered lake and picturesque environment.