Time to understand the truth

 Time to understand the truth 

The Supreme Court had set up a one-member minority commission headed by eminent police officer Dr Shoaib Suddle. He reviewed the curriculum and analyzed the curriculum taught at different levels, thus revealing the fact that what was done in the past to base the curriculum on scientific lines has now come to a halt. Dr. Shoaib Suddle Commission had also recommended some changes in the syllabus but then the matter did not move forward.

Extremism is a threat to Muslim countries. At the beginning of this century, extremism emerged in the form of terrorism, which harmed the whole world, including Muslim countries, but the greatest losses were in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Terrorism in Pakistan has engulfed national leaders, clerics, social workers, lawyers, military and civilian officials, and killed thousands of innocent people in suicide attacks. Leaders like Benazir Bhutto, Rashid Rehman, Bashir Bilour, Sabin Mehmood, Dr Shakeel Oj, Dr Yasir Rizvi and Dr Farooq were martyred.

Thousands of soldiers and police officers were martyred in the fight against terrorism. Incidents of terrorism have been linked to terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan. Saudi Arabia is a leading country for Muslims. Saudi Arabia was affected by this religious terrorism.

The Saudi government has investigated the causes of religious extremism. The current Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman has decided to make changes to Saudi Arabia's policy. Steps were taken to modernize the curricula of schools, colleges and madrassas. Saudi Arabia's new Vision 2030 and curriculum will help create today's racial harmony, moderation and tolerance, the Saudi yoga instructor and founder of the Arab Yoga Foundation said in a tweet.

This change in Saudi Arabia will save the new generation from the monster of extremism and educate students according to international standards so that young people graduating from Saudi institutions can serve around the world and young people in Saudi Arabia. A moderate face will be exposed to the world. Prince Muhammad bin Salman had already allowed women to travel alone, to drive themselves. Pakistan is currently in dire straits. The monster of religious extremism is not only destroying the economy and society in the country but also the reason for presenting the face of Pakistan in the world as a reactionary country.

Pakistan is still on the gray list of the UN Task Force on Asia and the Far East. Now the EU Parliament has also passed a resolution to withdraw the GSP Plus status to Pakistan. If the EU Parliament's decision is implemented by the EU countries, Pakistan will lose billions of dollars which is the economic cost of Prime Minister Imran Khan Can cause serious damage to policies. New Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen has described the state of the economy as dangerous. He said that if the production rate did not reach 5%, the country would face a severe crisis.

His statement reflects the facts. This is the time to understand the truth, not emotional speeches and baseless claims. To eradicate religious extremism, steps must be taken similar to those taken by Saudi Arabia now, followed by Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Shoaib Suddle's report is the best tool to change the position of the EU Parliament. Those who understand the models of development in the world should understand this situation and urge the government to implement this report. This report is a practical version of the speech made by the Founder of Pakistan in the first session of the Constituent Assembly on August 11, 1947. Prime Minister Imran Khan should consider this point.