5 Free Platforms to Use for IELTS Preparation


5 Free Platforms to Use for IELTS Preparation  

5 Free Platforms to Use for IELTS Preparation

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IELTS is known as the world's most prominent test to check proficiency in English. It is not difficult for people to pass this test. When you will go take this test, they will try to assess your listening, writing, reading and speaking skills. For IELTS preparation, you should keep in mind some essential things. First, you should understand the format of each test. Secondly, you should know the type of questions for each test. Thirdly, you should know your strengths and weaknesses about the subject. Fourthly, you will have to prepare a coherent study plan. After preparing that plan, you will have to stick to that plan. Moreover, you should give IELTS tests and analyze your progress for better preparation. No doubt, you will have to face lots of problems for IELTS preparation. Here, we will discuss the top five free platforms that you can use for IELTS preparation.



The experienced UK-based IELTS teacher has created ieltsliz.com for IELTS preparation. This teacher has enough experience in IELTS preparation. She is sharing her experiences and tips for the IELTS students for free. Some people don't understand the texture content. For those students, she has created a YouTube channel. The students can also visit her YouTube channel IELTS Liz to learn more. She has created these video tutorials in a friendly manner. In these video tutorials, she has covered all the tasks. It means that you can get complete information about listening, reading, writing and speaking tests.


When you will visit this website, you will find almost 300 pages for IELTS preparation. In these 300 pages, she has shared her experiences and tips. When you will visit this website, you will see the red menu bar. You can easily get access to these web pages by clicking on them. After visiting this website, you don't need to join any other class. You will find the complete information about the preparation of the tests. She has also shared sample papers on this website. Along with these sample papers, she has also shared their answers. These sample papers will also provide enough help in the preparation.


IELTS Buddy:

This platform is offering free exercises for the IELTS students to prepare for the exams. You can easily download these exercises. To focus on the specific topics of the exam, they have shared grammar and vocabulary sections. If they want to earn more points, they can make use of these tips and strategies. To improve the writing skills of the students, they have shared writing modules. The students can also find out the model answers to these writing modules. In these models, they have also shared tips to provide answers to specific questions in the exam.


The students can also find some additional material for IELTS preparation on this website. First, they can find model graphs. They can use these model graphs to find answers to specific questions. Secondly, they can find the high scoring model essays. Thirdly, they can find practice tests. They can use these practice tests for exam preparation. Fourthly, they can also get the IELTS lessons. With the help of these lessons, they can get training on how to get high scores on all the tests. At last, it is also offering a platform for the students to get help with the IELTS tests.


IELTS Mentor:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, students can also use this free platform for IELTS preparation. On this platform, they can get complete information about the IELTS exams. For the general training and exam versions of the IELTS programs, they are offering sample questions to the students. You may find questions relevant to each task of the IELTS exam. Along with these questions, they are also providing possible answers to these questions. The students can also get advice to solve different sections of the exams. They can also build their vocabulary for better preparation.


If you are dedicated to getting high bands in the IELTS exam, you must visit this website. After visiting this website, you may get complete information about the pattern of the exam. You can also get useful information about the exam formatting. The students can also download a list of the frequently asked questions in the exam. They can also find an IELTS preparation section. Here, you can find comprehensive material to get success in the exam. They have created different sections for the students. If you are facing reading problems, you should visit its reading section. Here, you can find the best suggestions to improve your reading skills.


IELTS Simon:

Simon is the ex-IELTS examiner. He has created this website to provide help to the students who face problems passing the IELTS exam. Moreover, he is also running the IELTS preparation courses in Manchester. When you will visit this website, you will get free material for IELTS preparation. It is also providing access to recent archives to get practice for the exams. If you want to prepare for IELTS by watching video tutorials, you can visit his YouTube channel. On this YouTube channel, he has shared the best video tutorials for the preparation of the students. No doubt, when you are going to prepare for the exams, you will have to study some books. He can also recommend the best study books to prepare for exams. Simon can also provide an idea about the best audio scripts for the students.


IELTS Advantage:

Most of the students can't pass IELTS exams due to the lack of IELTS vocabulary. If you are also facing this problem, it is the best platform for you. On this user-friendly website, you may get lots of videos and tips to learn IELTS vocabulary. No doubt, vocabulary is adding 25% of the total marks of your writing and speaking skills. If you get enough command of IELTS vocabulary, you can easily get the higher bands in the IELTS exams. To help the students, they have devised a comprehensive and step by step process. It is the best platform to learn the world's most famous IELTS courses in one place. If you are not getting the higher bands in the exams, you can still contact them. They will analyze your skills and provide the best tips to improve your bands.